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    Welcome to the "Gigglin Pig" Home of "Sophie's Choice Harnesses" All of our items are handmade at our store. The store has been in business since 1998.   Our soaps and body care items are made in our shoppe.  Nancy Jernigan is the head chief and you can ask for her when you call our store.  We have the very best pet soap around.  We made the dog soap for UDogU products. They are the only ones we have ever let re-sell our pet soap.  We are not a a wholesale company.  We have a little something special and intend to keep it that way.

    Porchua Godwin is our head seamstress on construction of our harnesses, collars and leashes. Constance Spell is the owner and is the originator and is extremely talented and resourcesful in all of her products.  Patrice Baker handles the website and is making changes all the time and in the middle of that implimentation process things get a bit mixed up at times.  If this happens please go to contact us and send your order that way and we will contact you for the transaction. Or simply call our store during the hours. There are several ways to order with us and yes we personalize.   

    The most important thing about buying your harness is size.  We offer harnesses and full vested harnesses (like clothing) we call them Boleros, from 2.5 lbs. - 45 lbs. You may get a matching leash or collar, their light weight and easy to store in your purse or pocket.  We offer nine (9) different sizes.  The size chart has been reworked for perfection over the years.  You will need two things to get your dogs size.  Their girth in inches and their weight in pounds.  If you follow the chart and give accurate information the harness will fit your dog.  Go to the chalk board on this site and click on size chart. There will be illustrations there.  Please do not hessitate to call or contact us before making your decision.  We can custome make harnesses as well.  In the coments section if you have a request, you can add it there.  Some dogs, like Sophie look better with wider webbing than our standard for each size.  She is a long poodle.  So that is the kind of thing that is special about our business that larger companies can not do.  They buy wholesale and get what they are given.  The gigglin pig is a quilt and sewing shop and a botique for dogs.  Our Harnesses are Easy-On with one click and go.  Everything is designed for the well being and comfort of the dog.  Its all about the dogs here. Our products are 100% guarantee on structure.  If you have any problems send it back and we will fix it. If you have made a made a mistake on size and would like to exchange it.  Please send it back with $2.98 for shipping charge when we send it back to you.  

    **If there is anything you would like to see more of on our web site or reccomendations, please send a email to