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Can't get any better than this soap. See our full description and see why we are so confident in our Dog Soap.
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100% Guarantee Satisfaction Our soap will start the healing process to painful itching.  You will be amazed at how well it handles dogs with oily as well as dry coats.  Its due to well rounded selection of essential oils used in this bar of hemopathic soap.  Listed is an explanation of what each essential oil is known for.  Your dogs will love their bath due to the relief they get from itching and bacteria and Because of how much attention they will get once their coat dries.  It gives off a very clean smell and their coats are thick and shinny looking.  You do not need to use a conditioner.  It is used on poodles with dry skin and works extremely well at that. Our bar is equal to 7 bottles of comercial soap that uses some of the common ingredients like lavender in their soap.  Most lavender they use in their soaps is a synthetic based general sent that has been produced to give off the sent regardless if it performs what it was meant for.  Consumers are constantly fooled by this.  We wish we could give out samples to allow the public of dog owners to see how their being fooled and what they should really expect of these essential oils but it is too expensive for us to do that.  We try to provide the soap at cost so that the animals that we love will find some relief.  You can use it as much as you like.  It is really helpful for groomers, it helps heal their hands as well.  As you can see our carrier oils are light.  Its not made with animal fats.  Its organic and the best for all skin types.

Each essential oil is listed and after each one we give in a few short words what it is used for.  

Cedarwood an antiseptic; Eucalyptus, an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, promotes hair growth; Citronella, insect repellant; Tea Tree, reduces & relieves itching from rashes, detours lice & fleas, fights acne & psoriasis, a deodorant, soothes burns; Lavender, soothes skin irritation, bee stings, cuts, kills bacteria, also used for eczema, dermatitis, chapped skin, dandruff, & cold sores.  

Oils: coconut, Palm, olive, castor, joba, aloe vera.    No animal fat or things you can not pronounce or identify.  Like all our Homeopathic soaps.

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