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Arthritis Soap Avocado Bar Can't get any better than this soap. See our full description and see why we are so confident in our Dog Soap.
Arthritis SoapAvocado SoapPet Soap

Our Arthritis Soap is made with fresh ginger juice and infused horse chestnuts. This soap is recommended for relief of arthritis and poor circulation. It contains the essential oil Rosemary which also helps with pain. This product is made from...

Avocado Bar Soap is made especially for eczema sufferers, enhanced with avocado and rose hip seed oil. You don’t have to have eczema to appreciate the benefits of this bar, it just make you feel good. Scent of roses, winter pear and lavender.

Hemopathic pet soap for oily and dry itchy skin 100% guarantee satisfaction




Psoriasis Soap Shaving, Shampoo and Bathing Bar Soap Vanilla Marble Cake Soap
Psoriasis SoapShaving, Shampoo and Bathing Bar SoapVanilla Marble Cake Soap

Psoriasis Soap containing jojoba oil, carrot seed oil, tea tree, citronella, cedarwood, olive oil, and scents of lavender. Stops the itching and pain aggrivated by external chemicals in all of the products we use daily. 

This soap is made with cocoa butter, lanolin and shea butter. This works great for hard to manage hair, it is creamy for a shaving lather and it lathers-up well for bathing. This bar smells like a warm Vanilla Cake.

Our Vanilla Marble Cake Soap is a blend of sensational cocoa butter, real chocolate, olive oil, and scented with almonds. 




Wonder Bar Soap
Wonder Bar Soap

This special purpose bar soap is made with stinging nettles and tea tree making it a good treatment for acne, poison ivy or a plain ol’ rash. To be used on normal to oily skin. A great peppermint Wake-You-Up treatment.